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Owen Nesbitt

A+ Charter Schools
K-12 RLA Coordinator
I am a teacher first and foremost. Teaching is my magnum opus and my raison d'etre. The artistry of teaching and learning is my muse. I've been in education 24 years now, and taught secondary English for 17 of those. While I'd never consider myself a techie, I do dig the life that tech gives us. Content always comes first to me. As an educator and a coach, what drives me is the why of a lesson, and how to make the learning sticky. I am driven by helping people become critical consumers of content and also literate and vociferous advocates for themselves and others. You can talk to me about anything really. Bonus points if it's about vinyl, hi-fi stereo systems, poetry or vintage motorcycles.  I am a host of "The Record Room" podcast.